Rubber duckbill valve manufacturers

Check valves are used in the installation of hydraulic systems to let liquids flow in one direction but prevent them from flowing in the opposite direction. In many applications these valves - made of steel or cast iron - which are heavy as well as   costly and need constant maintenance, are replaced by the so-called Duck Bill Check Valves.

RONCAGLIA(R)  Duck Bill Check Valves are manufactured entirely in rubber, using compounds which are highly resistant to different environments.

They weigh 10% or less than regular valves, thus making them more economical, easy to transport, easy to mount and maintenance free.

Due to their convenient design, they are not likely to get stuck should strange elements be swept by the fuids.

They are manufactures from 2 inches up 72 inches diameter.

They do not need external energy to operate.

They are easily mounted at the end line of sewers or storm sewers.

We are drinking water networks manufacturers, exporters and importers. Roncaglia rubber products manufacturersRubber duckbill valve manufacturers
Rubber duckbill valve manufacturers

A type of system used, to avoid the cracks produced by the water hammer in pipes and valves, consists of installing a tank connected to a pipe line. Inside the tank, a rubber bladder is mounted between the pipe water and system that injects gas or air.

RONCAGLIA (R) manufactures bladders in diferent rubber compounds, their inner surface resistant to liquid contact, whereas their outer one is resistant to the gas or air that is injected. The sizes fit the tanks used to connect them to the pipes.

Rubber duckbill valve manufacturers
Rubber duckbill valve manufacturers

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Rubber duckbill valve manufacturers

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Rubber duckbill valve manufacturers
Rubber Sleeves
Rubber duckbill valve manufacturers

The most important steel manufacture argentine company has employed the RONCAGLIA® SLEEVE for steel sheets coils winder and de-winder mandrels, since more than 30 years in his five plants.
The use of this rubber sleeve, allows:

1-to protect the steel sheet, the defects caused by the metallic mandrel, on the first loops. When a metallic mandrel is opened against the thin metallic sheets, usually a typical mark has been place, on the first loops, these loops have been rejected.

2-to replace metallic supplements for different I.D. coils.    When it is necessary to produce coils with different internal diameters, the use of Roncaglia® rubber sleeve, instead of such heavy’s metallic supplements, assures faster and safer installation.

3-to protect mechanical mandrel systems. When you use Roncaglia® rubber sleeve, you have an additional advantage; you are protecting the mandrel mechanisms from dust, which can affect the normal operation.   

We are Rubber Sleeves manufacturers

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