Rubber products manufacturers

Within the project of modernization of the Military Vehicle TAM faced by the Argentine Army, whose first prototype – called TAM 2C – just delivered the Israeli company Elbit System, RONCAGLIA® has been involved with the provision of the side skirts which reduce significantly the effect “spray” produced by dust removed by the undercarriage during circulation in desert areas, which made it easily detectable over long distances. These skirts also help to reduce the heat signature produced by the undercarriage. The side skirts are added to the front and rear RONCAGLIA® manufactures for years. Rubber products manufacturers
Rubber products manufacturers

Rubber products manufacturers

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Rubber products manufacturers
Rubber Sleeves
Rubber products manufacturers

The most important steel manufacture argentine company has employed the RONCAGLIA® SLEEVE for steel sheets coils winder and de-winder mandrels, since more than 30 years in his five plants.
The use of this rubber sleeve, allows:

1-to protect the steel sheet, the defects caused by the metallic mandrel, on the first loops. When a metallic mandrel is opened against the thin metallic sheets, usually a typical mark has been place, on the first loops, these loops have been rejected.

2-to replace metallic supplements for different I.D. coils.    When it is necessary to produce coils with different internal diameters, the use of Roncaglia® rubber sleeve, instead of such heavy’s metallic supplements, assures faster and safer installation.

3-to protect mechanical mandrel systems. When you use Roncaglia® rubber sleeve, you have an additional advantage; you are protecting the mandrel mechanisms from dust, which can affect the normal operation.   

We are Rubber Sleeves manufacturers

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